Avidity Biosciences is a privately held biotech company pioneering Antibody Oligonucleotide Conjugates (AOC). AOCs combine the tissue selectivity of monoclonal antibodies and the precision of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics to overcome barriers to the delivery of oligonucleotides and target genetic drivers of disease.

Using our AOC platform, we have demonstrated modulation of disease-related RNAs in cell types and tissues including muscle, heart, liver, tumors and immune cells. Our proprietary platform technology enables delivery of multiple therapeutic oligonucleotides on a single antibody scaffold. AOCs have drug-like properties comparable to antibodies and allow delivery of oligonucleotide payloads to non-hepatic tissues not served by other delivery platforms. AOCs are also unique in that they can address undruggable targets.

We are advancing a pipeline of therapeutic programs focused on rare muscle disorders and other serious diseases. Our lead programs are directed to the development of therapeutics to treat patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and myotonic dystrophy. We are also pursuing programs in collaboration with pharma partners.

Avidity is supported by a highly-experienced team and respected life science investors including Takeda Ventures, Alethea Capital, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Brace Pharma, EcoR1 Capital, F-Prime Capital, Moore Venture Partners, and Tavistock Life Sciences.