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living with DM1

living with DM1

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living with DM1

Delivering a New Class of RNA Therapeutics

At Avidity Biosciences, we are driven by our mission: to profoundly improve people’s lives by revolutionizing a new class of targeted RNA therapeutics. We are doing this by realizing the broad and disruptive potential of our Antibody Oligonucleotide Conjugates (AOC) platform. Beginning with our muscle disease franchise, our programs tackle the root cause of disease. Our innovative pipeline is set to advance and expand into additional cells and tissues, allowing us to address unmet patient needs across a wide-range of therapeutic areas.


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Delivering on our Vision

We are delivering a new class of RNA therapeutics - AOCs - which combine the specificity of monoclonal antibodies and the precision of oligonucleotides. Through integrating these proven technologies, our AOC platform is able to deliver to previously inaccessible tissue and cell types and more effectively target the underlying genetic drivers of diseases. With an agile and diverse team, we are advancing and expanding our pipeline programs to offer treatment options for patients and their families.