Driven by our mission to profoundly improve the lives of people affected by serious diseases, our AOC platform is expanding the reach of RNA therapeutics to diseases currently not served by traditional RNA targeting approaches. Our AOC platform is built from years of in-house engineering that integrates oligonucleotide therapeutics, modulation of RNA processes, antibody engineering and conjugation, and drug delivery techniques. Today, we continue to follow the data as we build our pipeline focused on skeletal muscle and as we look to expand into other cells and tissues. Our vision is to utilize the agility of the AOC platform to look at multiple disease areas where we can deliver treatments to people living with both rare and common diseases.

We followed the data to engineer each component of our AOCs:

The flexibility of our AOC platform allows us to deploy various types of oligonucleotides, including small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and PMOs, each of which modify RNA function in different ways. This allows us to use oligonucleotides that are tailored to modulate a specific disease process. Mechanisms of these oligonucleotides can range from reducing the expression of a disease-related RNA with siRNAs to correction of aberrant processing of RNAs with splice-modifying oligonucleotides.


We believe that the product candidates derived from our AOC platform will have the potential to impact a diverse set of diseases with the following advantages:

Beginning with our muscle disease franchise, our program tackles the underlying genetic cause of disease—from here our deep pipeline is set to advance and expand into new cells and tissues.

We also have development efforts focused on immune cells, cardiac tissue and other cell types. Some of these programs are being worked on through collaborations while others are from our internal discovery efforts. We look forward to pursuing all of these programs as we build an integrated and diverse company in service of our patients.